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Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating offers all-in-one service when it comes to purchasing and installing a water heater that works best for local property owners. In need of water heater inspection or repairs?

We can do those, too! Your water heather plays an essential role in your home or business – are you sure it’s working correctly? Without hot water, your house can feel a lot less like home and your business' productivity may falter. Like it or not, warm and hot water is one of the harder creature comforts to go without.

We’re here to meet your water heater needs! Call (978) 355-1673 or contact Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating online now for Billerica water heater repair, installation, and inspection.

Billerica Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

How do you know when you need to call a tech for water heater repairs? Sometimes the signs can be obvious, like never getting hot water no matter how long you wait, but there may be more subtle indications that you need water heater repair or replacement.

Some of these subtle signs can look like:

  • Erratic water temperature fluctuation - What's likely the culprit is that the tube responsible for bringing in cold water into your water heater has a crack and is leaking incoming cold water into the outgoing hot water. This crack in the dip tube can be fixed quickly by our Billerica water heater repair specialists.
  • Banging, popping, crackling, and other strange sounds from your water heater - When enough sediments build up over time they'll start interacting with one another and that can cause this snapping and crackling sound. Your water heater just needs a good cleaning.
  • Leak directly from your water heater - When your water heats up it expands so the resulting cracks in your water heater are fairly common. This issue should be addressed sooner rather than later because if a lot of water leaks you may need water damage restoration services.
  • Low hot water pressure - You're likely experiencing this because of mineral buildup inside an aging water heater. The resulting hard water gets heavier and heavier and can be harder to push out at the same pressure level.
  • Discoloration in your hot water - If your hot water has this rusty, reddish/brown color to it then your water heater could be corroding and need some repairs or replacement. Ask your Billerica water heater repair pro about how to check your anode rod that's responsible for keeping rust levels down in your unit.

If you noticed any of these signs, water heater maintenance, such as a flush or cleaning from one of our expert plumbing techs, can have it working normally in no time. If the problem is too severe to fix, we'll consult with you and provide next-step options for replacing your water heater.

If you're a resident of Billerica, Andover, Concord, Wilmington, or a nearby community and recognize these signs, call Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating and have one of our expert technicians inspect and repair your water heater.

How Big Should My New Water Heater Be?

The capacity of your water heater ultimately boils down to how often you use hot water and how much of it you use. We can assist in water heater installation, no matter which size you choose.

In general, comfortable water heater capacity for homes can be predicted as follows:

  • 30-gallon capacity for up to two people
  • 40-gallon capacity for up to three people
  • 40- or 50-gallon capacity for up to four people
  • 50-gallon or 80-gallon capacity for five or more people

Do I Need a Storage Tank or Tankless Water Heater?

When choosing a water heater that works best for you, there’s two main options on the market: storage tank and tankless. Both are commonly powered by natural gas, but electric models exist for both as well.

  • Storage tank water heaters are traditional water heaters that use an insulated tank to store hot water until needed. Although not very energy efficient, these water heaters are generally more affordable and suitable for larger living spaces.
  • Tankless water heaters, as you’ve probably guessed, do away with the tank and heat water as-needed with built-in heating coils. People with tankless water heaters might appreciate their overall energy efficiency and on-demand hot water, but these appliances probably won’t be able to supply enough heated water to two places at once.

Whether you go with one or the other is up to you and your needs, but we're ready to consult with you about your options, answer any questions, and make appropriate reccomendations.

There's a variety of options when it comes to water heaters for Billerica, Andover, Bedford, and nearby homes. Still unsure about your needs? Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating offers free consultations! Call us for one today at (978) 355-1673

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