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A clogged drain to a plumber is like the flu to a doctor – routine and safe to treat as long as it’s done right. That's why it’s important to call a plumber, like us, when you are in need of drain cleaning in Billerica. We can guarantee a treatment for your drain that works and ensures a clean bill of health for your pipes and home or business at large.

Even if you think you can handle it on your own, you probably don’t have a camera suitable for diagnosing the cause of blockage around bends in your pipes. You may even have a drain snake handy, but when's the last time you used it — and are you sure you're doing it right? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your home is call someone with the right tools and know-how to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. For Bedford, Andover, and nearby communities, Ostroski Plumbing and Heating is often the first service provider people call for a drain cleaning solution that works and is easy on their pipes.

When a difficult clog is costing you your sanity, make it work with our Billerica drain cleaning professionals. Contact us or call us at (978) 355-1673 to get help today.


  • “Thank you so much for being so accommodating to my schedule, the service was done quickly, was reasonably priced l, and everyone involved was very nice and respectful!”

    Jong y.

Why Shouldn’t I Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner?

In some households, using a chemical drain cleaner to fix a clog may be the go-to method when searching for a viable solution, especially when simple plunging doesn’t seem to work. However, there are many drawbacks to using these hazardous products – not least of which is that they typically contain substances such as lye, caustic potash, bleach, peroxides, and even acids.

These chemicals work by dissolving whatever is causing a blockage, which can range from the usual suspects like hair or food to mineral buildup, small objects, dirt, and even roots in cases where cracked pipes on your property draw the attention of plant life. The strength of these chemicals makes them effective, but at the cost of presenting the risk of harm to your home and family.

Before dumping it down the drain, consider the following about chemical drain cleaners:

  • Are you sure it’s safe for the types of pipes and fixtures in your home? The wrong type can damage or destroy them.
  • Do you want the risk of storing it in a home with children and pets? You may forget to secure a lock, or a child may figure it out.
  • How will you handle a severe clog after it blocks a chemical drain cleaner? Blocked cleaner can create a toxic pool in your sink, making any new attempt to clear it more dangerous.
  • Are you OK with its impact on the environment? Using these chemicals may have environmental costs that a plumber’s special tools and know-how can avoid.

Taking these considerations into account, using a chemical drain cleaner would be like fumigating your house because a fly got in through a broken screen. The solution is way more radical than the problem demands!

How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Depending on how much you use your drains and the materials going down the drains, you will need to clean your drains more often. If multiple drains in your home are slow, the issue may be in the main sewer. Some of these common causes of sewer clogs include tree roots, wet wipes, and grease.

Signs of Broken Sewer Line or Need for Sewer Repairs

  • Slow drains
  • Clogs and backups
  • Mold & mildew
  • Sewer gas odor
  • Patches of soggy lawn
  • Infestation of insects & rodents

When a difficult clog is costing you your sanity, make it work with our Billerica drain cleaning professionals. Contact us or call us at (978) 355-1673 to get help today.


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4 Ways To Avoid Needing Drain Cleaning

1. Throw out your grease and cooking oil in the trash - As tempting as it may be, don't wash your pan that's full of grease in the sink without emptying the pan of cooking oil or grease first. These fatty oils stick to your pipes and catch food that's passing by causing serious clogs and blockages.

2. Install a hair stopper in your shower drain - The number one reason our Billerica drain cleaning specialists are called into a home is for hair in the shower drain. Installing a hair stopper is cheap and easy and will save you from the constant need of drain cleaning.

3. Consider a lint catcher in your washing machine's drain line - When your washing machine is done washing your clothes, do you ever wonder what happens to all of the dirt and gunk from your clothes? It often will clog your washing machine's drain line and cause you to need a visit from our Billerica drain cleaning experts.

4. Do not put the following food items down the garbage disposal - Starchy foods like rice or pasta, fibrous foods like celery, egg shells, coffee grounds, bones of any kind, or grease/cooking oil.

Before reaching for a chemical drain cleaner, call (978) 355-1673 or contact us get professional help that’s healthier for your family and home.

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