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Working Heat Keeps Winter Chills at Bay

Comfort during winter has always hinged on keeping as much warmth inside as possible. It’s a tale as old as time, but luckily modern times afford us choice in keeping our homes warm. That’s especially good news for residents of Billerica, Andover, or any of the surrounding areas in New England – where our winters put heating systems through their paces.

Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating is ready, willing, and able to inspect and repair heating systems including boilers, furnaces, and steam boilers. Sometimes, however, a heater just refuses to work in spite of inspection and repair. Luckily, we can help if it’s time to install a new system.

Our other heating services include the following and more:

If your heater’s leaving you out in the cold, contact us online or call (978) 355-1673 for a free consultation. We can provide complete heating services in Billerica that works best for your home and budget.

What Do I Do When My Heat Goes Out?

Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating will get to you as quickly as possible, but if your heat goes out late at night, call us as soon as possible. Our heating services in Billerica can get to you fast, even if you're in Andover or any of our other neighboring communities.

When there’s a problem with your heater, doing the following can keep you toasty until we arrive:

  • Open your curtains to let sunlight (and heat) in; close them when it gets dark to keep heat in longer
  • Block cold air drafts with towels, weatherstripping, foam tape, insulated curtains, etc.
  • Close doors to rooms you aren’t using to prevent heat escape
  • Turn on your gas fireplace or light some candles - but never leave fire unattended
  • Drink warm beverages to keep your body heat up
  • Invest in a portable electric space heater
  • Cover your body with blankets and extra layers of clothing

When your heater stops working, call (978) 355-1673 immediately to get repairs or a replacement as soon as possible!

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