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Protecting Your Basement from Flooding in Andover & Nearby

Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating can install and repair sump pumps in Billerica, Andover, and the neighboring communities, offering residents peace of mind and protection from water damage. Whether it’s from a storm, snowmelt, or poor plumbing, water intrusion leaking into your basement is enough of a problem – don’t let a broken sump pump make things worse. When water begins to accumulate, your sump pump powered by your home’s electricity or a backup battery will kick in to flush water out before it has a chance to flood. If you have a basement, you need a sump pump.

We offer Billerica sump pump installation and repair on new or existing homes and commercial properties. Call us today to make sure your home is safe from flooding: (978) 355-1673.

Why Is Water Intrusion Bad for My Property?

It might seem like a question with a common-sense answer, but let’s air it out for good measure. After all, the techs at Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating love making home and business owners feel assured that they're landing on the right decisions for their properties.

Reasons Why People Dread Flooding In Their Basement Include:

  • Flooding exerts pressure that weakens a home’s foundation. If nothing worse, a weakened foundation may cause additional flooding.
  • A flooded or even somewhat damp basement can permit the growth of toxic mold, which may lay dormant until exposed to moisture.
  • Standing water, in general, is a breeding ground for parasites and disease-causing bacteria, as well as some insects such as mosquitoes.
  • Water threatens appliances and poses a significant risk when appliances (like dryers, furnaces, and boilers) use gas.
  • Personal property, including important family heirlooms or keepsakes, stored in a basement can quickly be damaged or destroyed in a flooded basement.

The Dangers of Flood Water

A flooded basement isn’t a free indoor swimming pool – in fact, you should absolutely minimize contact with any floodwater at all costs. That includes avoiding the scenario entirely by making sure your sump pump is properly installed and working. Beyond the annoyance of having a portion of your property become unusable, a flooded basement poses significant risks to your health and the structure of your house or place of business.

How Long Does A Sump Pump Last?

On average, a sump pump should last roughly 10 years. However, some factors can shorten this lifespan, such as a lack of necessary maintenance or repairs. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to invest in a new sump pump system.

When To Replace A Sump Pump:

  • If the sump pump continually runs
  • If you notice unfamiliar banging, grinding or scrapping sounds when the system is running
  • If the sump pump cycles inconsistently
  • If you notice the motor no longer working or getting stuck
  • If there are signs of rusting or corrosion
  • If the sump pump is struggling to power on and off

To avoid a major flooding catastrophe in your basement, call the Billerica sump pump installation and repair experts at Gregory J. Ostroski Plumbing and Heating today if you believe your sump pump is failing.

Any amount of water accumulation in Andover homes or businesses can have disastrous consequences for owners. Call us today at (978) 355-1673 to get the Billerica sump pump installation and repair you need.

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