What is a backflow preventer and how do I know if I need a new one?

Backflow preventer

Backflow Preventer

The purpose of a backflow preventer is to keep water in your home's pipes going in one direction. Without the use of a backflow preventer, especially on your home's irrigation system, it could allow contaminants into your water supply.

  • Chemicals used for your lawn with a garden hose or lawn irrigation system can create negative pressure.
  • This negative pressure can cause the chemicals to be pushed into your indoor plumbing pipes, this could create contaminants¬†that can be dispersed¬†throughout the home's water system.

One of the top reasons you would need a new backflow preventer is improper winterization.

  • You will need a replacement if you see leaking from the top portion of the preventer or spilling water from the bottom of the backflow preventer.

Also, if you see cracks on the preventer this is an indication of improper winterization, and you should have a licensed plumber come to evaluate if it is functioning properly.