A Second Water Meter Can Save You Money

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The temperature is rising and so can your town water bill. Summer is here and with that our lawns, plants, and vegetables need to be watered; not to mention our pools need to be filled and cars need to be washed. Your town water fee is high enough, never mind adding these water activities to the bill. One way to cut the cost is to add a second water meter that is separate from the house meter. You would purchase this second meter from your town and it is installed by a licensed plumber.

Your water bill is usually divided into two parts; the water consumption and the sewer or wastewater fee.  Water usage is part of the bill that most homeowners think about when looking at the bottom line.  This is how much water you actually used during any given month.  The other half of the water bill is the sewer rate (sometimes called wastewater) and this is the fee for the town processing the water because all of that water goes down the drain and into the town sewer where it must be cared for.  This sewer rate tends to be about 50% of your water bill.

What your town may not be so quick to tell you is that irrigation water, which is the bulk of your water consumption, does not go back into the sewer to get processed, it goes into the soil.  Because of this, most cities or towns, allow customers to have a secondary water meter installed which is not subject to the sewer rate.

The plumber will separate all the outside water lines from the house lines; when this is done you will no longer be charged for the sewer rate. This will greatly reduce your bill during the summer season.

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